Class Schedule

Saturday’s (9:30 am – 1:15 pm)
Location: MCMC – 1000 Hoes Lane, Piscataway, NJ
Assembly: 9:30 am – 9:45 am
Classes Starts: 9:45 am
Snack Time: 11:15 am – 11:30 am

Following subjects are taught, every Saturday from 9:45 am to 1:15 pm
Islamic History (Thahreek)
Seerah (Life of the Prophet(sal))
Etiquettes and Akhlaq (Manners and Character)
Fiqh (Salah, Wudu, Cleanliness etc)
Quran Reading
Surah Memorization
Memorization of Masnoon Duas
Arabic Grammer
Islamic Project

Note: Detail class wise schedule will be uploaded here, when the school starts on Saturday September 17th, 2016.