Alhamdulillah, we are in the 18th school year at MCMC. We have a very highly educated, talented, dedicated and hard working teachers at MCMC Saturday Islamic School. Your children’s are in good hands. We also have a hands full of volunteers to provide the help and support needed to our Students, Teachers, Principals and Administrator.

Principal: Br. Nasir Jehangir Shaikh.
He has been the principal of this Saturday school since it started and has more than 15 years of experience in running and managing the weekend Islamic School successfully. Contact Principal at or 732-258-6954.

Vice Principal: Sr. Nuzhat Arshad.
She has been the Vice Principal of the Saturday school from last 4 years. She review and design the curriculum for higher grades and provides training to young teachers. She has 16 years of experience teaching Islamic Studies, Arabic Grammer, and Tafseer to higher grade students and youths. Contact Vice Principal at

School Administrator: Sr. Tahira Mirza.
She has been working at Saturday school from last 4 years. She takes care of all administration work, coordinate and communicates with parents and also take some classes. Contact Administrator at

Qur’an Teachers:

  1. Sr. Amal Farag (Basic/Level1)
  2. Sr. Moona (Intermediate/Level2)
  3. Sr. Bushra Iqbal (Advanced/Level3)

Islamic Studies Teachers: Br. Omar Tariq, Br. Abdullah, Br. Taimoor, Sr. Seema

Seerah/Etiquettes Teachers: Sr. Bushra Iqbal, Sr. Nazifa Zaman, Br. Omar Tariq, Br. Abdullah

Arabic Grammer: Sr. Anam Mansoor

Islamic Projects: Sr. Anam Mansoor, Sr. Bushra Iqbal

Tafseer: Sr. Nuzhat Arshad

Pre-K and KG Teachers: Sr. Neha, Sr. Hamna, Sr. Tubah, Sr. Mariam, Sr. Vardha

Note: Saturday Islamic School can be contacted by emailing at for further inquiries or questions and to reach the school administrator.